Will cure your NFT sickness

Grab Meds!

What the hell is this?

In the beginning, a Cardano wallet served a simple purpose — to store ADA. All was well until Cardano was taken over by NFTs. A pandemic hit the whole ecosystem and every wallet was infected by a sickness now known as “Spendatitis-20” which later mutated to “Flipatosis-21”

This led us to formulate medicines that will worsen cure your CNFT sickness. AdaMeds is a collection of 10,000 different variants of medicine tablets, capsules, and solutions as 3D objects living in Cardano blockspace, viewable in augmented-reality platforms.

Why the hell is this?

It’s 2022. Covid-19 is still here. Vaccines are not really stopping it. People are now hoarding paracetamol and other flu medicines. Idiots are throwing money at meme tokens on every blockchain. So WTF! Why not another one for those who hoard stuff they don't need.

How the hell is this?

Simple. Since these things are now ready, you can simply head over to our minting page, specify how many AdaMeds you'd like to get (up to 10 at a time), and then click the big pink button that says mint! Then sign the transaction and submit to complete your purchase.

When the hell is this?

We don't really know why you're still reading this far. Honestly, we continue to be amazed at how crazy this community is. But yeah, we've worked our butts off on creating these cool AR pills and they are now ready for you to mint into the Cardano blockspace! We started minting on March 13, 2022.

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